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FREE Custom Face mask and Helmet Pump

Now when you purchase any Riddell Varsity Helmet you will receive your choice of a custom facemask color AND model for FREE. This is a savings of over $30.00!

Also, if you purchase a Riddell helmet that requires air, you will receive a FREE helmet pump with glycerin, a savings of $19.99! That's $49.99 in total savings.

Customize a Riddell Youth Helmet for a free Pump Kit and custom facemask or customize a Riddell Varsity Helmet to get your free Custom FaceMask and Pump Kit. No coupon required.

If you couple these savings together as well as our Free shipping policy, why would you buy your helmet any where else? Most dealers only allow you to choose a grey or black face mask, but not here! You've customized your game, now customize your gear! If you have any questions, let the customer service team put it's 30 years of knowledge to use to assist you in making sure your helmet fits properly.