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Recondition Your Pad

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Recondition Your Pad
Get your pads ready for the upcoming season.

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  • Get your pads ready for the upcoming season.


Pro Gear Shoulder Pad Reconditioning
"Selected as Best in the Industry"
( Pro Gear, Riddell, Douglas )

After a season of play, you most likely need to recondition / clean and sanitize your shoulder pads. Why not keep your pads in great shape and let Pro-Gear Sports recondition them. We are the sole source for over 100 college and NFL teams as well as many high schools who want to protect their investment in expensive pads.

Here's how it works:

Send us your pads and we will inspect them for any and all problems. We separate the cushion and the plastic shell for individual inspection.

The cushion is completely cleaned by power spray in 140 degree water using disinfectant cleaner. The cushion is deodorized and an anti-bacterial treatment is applied. We use the best in anti-bacterial treatment with the ultimate OZONE Cleaning Machine, eliminating any STAPH and MERSA bacteria. The cushion is then checked for any tears to the body and trim, and repaired if necessary. The Velcro attachments (if any) are also inspected and replaced if needed.  All cushion work is completed using matching colors.

The plastic shell is hand cleaned, and an anti-bacterial disinfectant is applied. The shell is examined for any loose or missing rivets and replaced if necessary. The old attaching hardware on the back of the plastic is removed and the belts (if any) are checked for tears, bent or missing grommets. Stainless steel replacement hardware is used to replace any loose or rusted hardware. New elastic straps are added along with new swivel type t-hooks. All missing or bent belt grommets are replaced with new ones. New heavy duty nylon lace is also attached if lace is used.

Your cost for the above is only $60.00 per shoulder pad.  

The cost does not cover missing or damaged plastic parts, or missing sections or pieces of cushion. If you need a plastic part or heavy cushion repair, we will call you before we start the work and give you the amount of the additional charges and proceed with your approval.  Shouls you choose not to recondition you equipment, it will be returned and you will be charged return shipping charges.