Pro Gear Alpha Series OL-DL

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Pro Gear Alpha Series OL/DL

 This is the Alpha OL/DL.  It's made for the experienced, elite lineman.  Cut in front arches allow for complete unrestricted arm movement. Extended length arches on larger sizes for the taller athlete.  Lightweight and very low profile.  Air management cushion system with Pro Gear "Performance Fit" technology.

    • New Advanced design.
    • Completely Customizable
    • Flat Pad Low Profile Design
    • Stainless steel non-rust rivets and Belt Buckles
    • Air Management cushion system
    • Top Redundant's enhanced with PORON® Technology
    • Impact-absorbing PORON® Technology in Epaulets (Patented Technology)
    • Removable front deltoid axillary pads
    • Removable additional "Boomer Cushions" in the shoulder area.
    • Performance Fit Technology offers a low profile one-to-one fit.
    • Genuine Biothane brand belts.
    • Cut Away front allows for better forward movement.
    • Light Weight with low set profile.
    • Ideal design and profile for line play.
    • Removable front Auxillary Cushion

    Made in the USA

Sizes: M-L-XL-2XL-3XL-4XL